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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 17, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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this is "today in the bay." >> good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. 6:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. christina lauren is here to tell us about the weather. are we getting the fall feeling happening now? >> yeah, we are. once we get closer to halloween time in theay starts to cool off. it is kind of spooky. today we see temperatures a little above the seasonal averages today. tomorrow they'll drop below your seasonal averages. even more so to wednesday. they'll creep back up just in time for the weekend. and this morning watch out for dense fog pockets. 6:00 a.m., let's check the drive
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with mike. >> the volume of traffic picks up. we'll take you to the bay bridge toll plaza and the approach there. interstate 80 around the curve. right past howell we have a disabled vehicle. sounds like a flat tire trying to be repaired. should be a light volume of traffic so far. or down the east shore freeway. see that on the left side of the map. a little bit of slowing for 101 and the golden gate bridge as well. change out of the the park and heading towards the interchange. >> wheal check back with you. thanks so much, mike. this morning san jose police investigating yet another officer-involved shooting. that makes six so far this year. marla tellez joins us live at police headquarters with more on the alarming trend. good morning, marla. >> reporter: jon, good morning. and to think san jose once
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considered the safest big city in the entire country. the department is investigating its sixth of the year so far. three of them have been fatal. compare that to when the department recorded four for all of 2010. one of those deadly. in 2009 there were three officer-involved shootings. again one turned deadly. police say the rise is part of a national trend. departments are finding people becoming more confrontational to officers. a justice study professor says it's easy to blame tough economic times but statistics show that's not true. in the last four years with the economy in decline, so was the crime rate. >> now we reef that had tipping
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point where police are getting more desperate. or it's just a natural progression. crime is going to go in waves. >> the latest shooting happened yesterday at the park side apartment complex. police responded to a call of an armed man acts suspiciously. when officers approached the man, he did something that prompted one of the officers to fire the weapon. police expect to release more information about what prompted san jose police to fire weapons yesterday. later this afternoon we expect to learn that information. oakland police are looking for suspects in a pair of deadly shootings over the weekend. two men were shot at 13th avenue late saturday night. police are looking for four suspects, but they've not yet
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released their descriptions. there's no word on how the victims are connected to their killers. officers are also investigating a deadly shooting that happened at #:10 saturday morning on olive street. no arrests made in that case either. police looking for the person who opened fire at an in and out burger. officers say it happened in union landing off highway 880. they say 20-year-old pham entered the restaurant at 12:30 saturday morning and shot a man square in the chest. man right now in critical condition. investigators say pham is a known gang member. a 9-year-old girl is recovering after she was shot at a birthday party in pittsburgh. christie smith joins us live from pittsburgh with an update on the investigation this morning. christie? >> reporter: good morning, laura. we just walked up to the front door of the home. that person answered but said they were still sleeping.
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of course, we're trying to figure out why anyone would want to open fire on a child's birthday party. this must have happened quickly. there's smashed birthday cake near the front door. we shot new video this morning of the garage where it looks like there are three bullet holes near the bottom. four young people were shot. most in their teens. the youngest, a 9-year-old girl was hit in the arm. she's expected to be okay. one or two in critical condition. it start when two men in hoodies opened fire at the home on ravine drive where 30 family members were inside celebrating. neighbors say they heard the noise. >> we just heard firecrackers. there was a party going. kids were crying and all that stuff. then the guy comes out saying
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somebody got shot. >> again, pittsburgh police say they're looking for two men in hooded sweatshirts. one may have had a bandanna over the face. they took off fast and apparently on foot. a dark-colored sedan may be involved. i have calls boo the pittsburgh police department. as soon as i hear from them i'll tell you what they had to say. >> 6:06. an east bay man accused of shooting a police officer and then going on the run will go on trial. andrew barrian shot two fremont officers when they tried to arrest him on domestic charges. it hit todd young after severely injurying him. he was arrested at the california border with mexico. he's facing charges of attempted murder of a police officer and two counts of car jacking. dozens of people in the north bay woke up to slashed
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tires. vandals hit 50 to 100 cars near santa rosa junior college early sunday morning. not a street was untouched in the shaded area on your screen. tires were slashed in the same area a month ago. police say so far they have no suspects. >> as we close in closer to halloween, we're getting a cool, creepy feeling to the weather slchlt oh, we certainly are. and san francisco we still have calm winds. the fog will be drifting your way in the next hour. visibility still looks good in the city. we're dropping down to one mile. we had four miles moments ago. we set your future cast in motion. for the most part the marine layer will stay off shore. so you're not going to be as hot
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in morgan hill as you normally would with the high pressure ridge strongly in control of the weather pattern. at noon take a look at your santa cruz temperature. 68 degrees versus 72 in oakland. that's an indication of the fog situate over the mountains and drifting east throughout the day. 86 in san jose. 86 in gilroy. the warmest spot across the bay area, as per usual, will be the east bay. here's the next weather maker. that jet stream is shifting east. that's not only going to deepen marine layer. it's going to drop your temperatures to the 60s at the coast and the 70s inland. significant fog in tomorrow afternoon. a little drizzle. then afternoon clearing. then we warm back up. your seven-day forecast is in the next report.
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that means speeds dipping down to the 40s from there. all the way past guadalupe. that's further than we typically see slowing. also kicking in for highway 85. now a smooth drive through. although patchy clouds and fog through the area. and then slowing in liver more. but we have an accident in tracy. that may be an issue for folks coming into the area. the volume is starting to pick up on the northbound side. no may juror slowing. speeds in the 50s and 60s. guys, back to you. gentlemen, listen up. come in here. i have a little something for you. a new service will help you convince all your friends you have a girlfriend. or at least appear like you have
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welcome back, everybody. we give you a live look at san jose. hopefully you're jump starting your monday morning. having your wheaties or flinstone vitamins. a glass of orange juice. time is 6:12. >> maybe a little cup of jon kelley. a chaotic scene in san francisco as police attempted to cart away camping gear from protesters at the plaza. bob redell is there with an update on the situation. good morning, bob. >> good morning, laura. you might recall the protesters camped out in front of the federal reserve building. just down the street from justin herman. yesterday some of them moved here because it was getting too crowded and too cold. this is a city park. p police tell me it's illegal to set up camp sites. so they asked the protesters to remove the tents. they refused. the protesters responded by
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surrounding the public works trucks that were trying to remove the material. they slashed the tires of one of those. then the confrontation became more physical when protesters laid themselves down in the path of a police wagon. the protesters claimed the officers were excessive in their force. sfpd praised the officers for the restraint they say they showed. one couple arrested for fighting with officers. my understanding is everyone has been released. cory cunningham is a spokesperson for occupy sf. i spoke with police. they say you're able to stay here because they retreated. is there a compromise. if they found another location, which they said they would try to do to camp there. >> i suppose we could look at that and go to the general assembly. it's ultimately up to the
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general assembly to consensus. if we comply with one order, they order a new one five minutes later. we complied with that. if we do that, they're going want more. they're going to shut us down. that's just not right. they're trying to use their power in number to shut us down. >> reporter: why is it so important for you to be out here? it's early monday morning. you could be home asleep? >> well, no. i just moved back from manhattan. i was living with a friend. so i'm living here. so, why is it important, though? because for several years now i've understood that the 1% is in control of the world. they effectively own the world. and they run our government. it season for the people, by the people. we've forgotten that we have the authority. we have forgotten the constitution. and this country is made for us.
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205 years ago benjamin franklin said if we as a people stood back, sat down, did nothing, we became distracted by every day lives that corporations would take over. so there you have it. it's not over. it's just a stalemate. thank you very much, bob. let's get a check on the weather. you may be pulli ining out the sweater. things are looking good this morning. things are looking okay. we have fog creeping in. you can see from the the top of the transamerica period a couple of things. you can see the light blinking.
6:17 am
so visibility is not that bad just yet. also you can see old glory here blowing in the breeze. it's the winds that are keeping the fog from really settling in in the city. the golden gate bridge is socked inment we're talking foggy conditions in the north bay. in livermore down to 8 miles. one mile in napa. i want to show you future cast. what fog we do see it's going to be in the south bay. by 6:00 p.m. completely clear. 68 at noon. then round out the day at 75
6:18 am
versus 77 in oakland. 86 degrees in san jose. this will cool us down tomorrow. it's going to deepen the marine layer. we are talking a pretty thick round of fog. mike enawill be here to guide you through it. temperatures come down dramatically between now and wen. then we jump back up in time for the weekend. how are we looking out there, mike? >> we are starting to see the pickup we usually see by monday. coming into san jose, all the way up to 87, early on before 6:00 we saw a good amount of slowing here. so we're expecting the stretch of guadalupe to show the slowdowns earlier than you might expect as well. we have issues heading north there as well. earlier reports of an animal
6:19 am
hit. then also an accident right there. you see the slowing behind the indicator there. watch that in the middle of the freeway as you're heading north and in towards mission boulevard. lower visibility in spot fs. i'll show you that in the next report. but the slow drive coming in through livermore as well. now traffic is heading over to pleasanton, very slow. a 27-minute drive really bogging down. then the live shots out there. there's the visibility here just flying close to the camera. the low clouds hover around the golf course. keep that in mind traveling in between there. little note for you for 680. the meters lights turned on five minutes early. back to the toll plaza and continuing back towards basically the 808 overcrossing. so a little early start for the monday commute out of the east
6:20 am
bay. back to you. police are looking for the person who turned transamerica pyramid into a crime scene. hoe led officers on a high-speed chals around 11:30 saturday night the pyramid is where he crashed his car and took off. the chp has not said how this scary chase started. you may see smoke in the hills in the south bay this morning. firefighters are planning to conduct prescribed burns today and tomorrow. the burns will take place eight miles northeast of morgan hill. firefighters say you can see the smoke from most bay area counties and possiblily interstate 5. >> 1200 people gathered at stanford university to honor former apple ce, o steve jobs.
6:21 am
chicago mayor rahm emanuel and actor tim allen also showed up. also there, the private event held at the memorial church on campus. it is 6:21. coming up, a possible settlement in what is considered to be california's costliest divorce ever. plus the major medical group su marijuana. and whyti your cell phone company may be texting you today.
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is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. the state's largest group of doctors is calling for the legalization of marijuana this morning. california medical association is the first major medical group to advocate the legalization of pot. they say it's an open question whether it's useful for medical purposes but the only way to find out is to legalize it and do more research. the california police chief association calls the decision unbelievably irresponsible. frank and jamie mccourt, the owners of the lvlt a. dodgers have come to a divorce settlement.
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for $130 million jamie relinquishes her claim with the dodgers. that clears the way for the fight for bod selig to keep the team. they generated $20.6 million in legal bills related to this divorce through july. on this monday morning, scott mcgrew is all about the things we use called cell phones. >> laura's fake girlfriend has yet to text me back. >> my fake girlfriend? >> your fake girlfriend. yeah. >> i don't have a girlfriend -- i do. what? fake boyfriend, more like it. so blackberry users, blackberry is going to send apps they will get free technical support as well. get your apps starting on
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then they'll say, i'm not so sure. >> they're all cute, right? thank you very much. still to come, pg&e ready to do more pipeline testing. plus, police on high alert amid fear of retribution at a shooting at a hell's angel funeral. nice and hot for monday. your seven-day forecast is on the way. >> i'm tracking two new accidents.i'll sort them out whc i'omllore t em out when we come back.
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new this morning, pittsburgh police trying to find whoever
6:30 am
opened fire at a child's birthday party last night, hitting four people. the youngest victim is nine years old. i'm christie smith. i'll have an update coming up. and san jose police investigating another officer-involved shooting that turned deadly. >> 22 years later the bay area pauses to remember the earthquake. and it's our pleasure to help you shake off those monday blues. it is monday, october 17th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thank you for joining us. >> good morning, everyone. i'm jon kelley. this is the always effervescent laura garcia-cannon. these are cookies for everyone. >> breakfast of champions.
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>> if those are 100-calorie cookies, i'm taking them. >> no, i made them. >> she can cook. triplets at home who will attest to that. whether you'ric thatting the kids to school or ready to head to work yourself, we have thick fog that could slow you down in the north bay. down to a quarter of a mile in spots. but we are dropping. we'll keep watching this for you. especially along the golden gate bridge. otherwise a mostly sunny afternoon. really warm inland. we'll talk about a cool down coming up. >> we're looking over to the bay bridge. the slowing and metering lights are on. a new accident down the freeway at san pablo avenue. then a new accident for 880 and
6:32 am
maury. this is also in the middle of the road. so we'll follow these issues. >> thank you, mike. it was supposed to be a fun celebration but it turned into anything but. a 9-year-old girl and three other teenagers were shot. now the latest on the search for the gunman. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. neighbors say the family recently moved in. apparently police had never been here before. i have calls into the pittsburgh police department to see if they know why anyone would want to open fire at a birthday party. there are evidence markers all around the house here and down by the driveway. we shot video this morning of the bottom of the garage of the home. there are three bullet holes. two people in hooded sweatshirts
6:33 am
walked up to the garage and opened fire. at least 3 people were here for the party. mostly family members. it was a child's birthday party. four e people were shot. all under 18. the youngest a 9-year-old girl. one, possiblily two people are this critical condition. neighbors heard what they thought were fireworks at first. when they realized how bad it was, they were stunned. >> it feels bad. i live here for nine years. nothing this big has happened before. it's bad. it's life. there isn't much you can do. >> the two shooters took off on foot. police think they may have run from here to a dark colored
6:34 am
sedan. they think that the was false. there's nothing too it. they're looking into the possibility whether they ma have been made to draw their attention away from this incident. i do have calls into pittsburgh police. as soon as i hear from them, i'll tell you what they had to say. a long list of people remember where they were 22 years ago. the 6.9 magnitude quake hit the fault line. it injured thousands more. more were left homeless. they will hold an open house in remembrance of the quake. there be a moment of silence at 5:04. 52-year-old steve was shot and
6:35 am
killed at the oak hill cemetery on saturday. in front of thousands of people. he was there for the san jose chapter of the hell's angel. by the time they arrived the victim was driven away. and the shooter was gone. people there tried to cover up the crime. there's no motive for the shooting. officers are not involsure if t shooter is on the loose or if he was hit and killed. it is an alarming trend. san jose police investigating yet another officer-involved shooting. that makes six this year alone. marla tellez joins us with more details. good morning, marla. the second in less than a week. just six days apart.
6:36 am
now yesterday's happened in east san jose at the park side terrace apartment come plek. police say they responded to call a of an armed man acting suspiciously. he did something to prompt one of them to shoot. the suspect died on the scene. six days earlier on monday, zap ho apolice shot and killed an armed man. again, this marks the sixth officer-involved shooting so far this year. see t three of them have been fatal. compare that to all of 2010 when san jose police reported four with one that turned deadly. a justice studies professor says the uptick is worth noting. it's difficult to figure out what's causing it. >> to link all this to one event like economy or feeling of
6:37 am
desperateness. >> when it comes to violence within the community, that's not a good trend either. the homicide rate sits at 34 for the year. as for yesterday's deadly officer-involved shooting. san jose police say they'll be releasing more information about that a little bit later this afternoon. jon? pg&e is doing testing in the south bay. they're testing a line that runs through east morgan hill, east of highway 101. it's part of the ongoing infrastructure inspection and manlt nans efforts. crews say you may here extremely lo noises and a white cloud that will look like an explosion. hard to to be alarmed when you see that. >> that would be scary to see.
6:38 am
time is 6:37. christina is here to tell us about the weather. >> it's going to be much cooler through wednesday today. though still holding onto summer like temperatures. 52 in san santa rosa. 5 in san francisco. so basically holding onto the 50s across the board. you have high and mid level clouds over the east and south  bay. that will make for a gorgeous sunrise. a lot of clouds starting to push east as an area of low pressure makes changes for our weather pattern. we'll talk about that. right now let's talk about where the thickest fog is. find it up in santa rosa between napa. the ma rin county close align this morning, you'll have thick patches. future cast shows you we don't deal with it all day long especially in the south bay. cloudy conditions between 10:00 and noon. then it will stay nice and
6:39 am
sunny. 75 in san francisco. 86 in santa rosa. the next weather maker arrives tomorrow. we have a cut-off low situated from the jet stream. another area of low pressure is pushing to the east. that's going to bring this guy in. this will drop us off through tomorrow. cooler conditions, temperatures dropping 15 degrees. i'll show you how that looks on the seven-day outlook. tougher drive now. 880 and dixon landing road. it's blocking the three lanes. a lot of flashing lights and activi activity. your commute direction from mission boulevard down towards 237. still three lanes block fld the northbound direction. here the northbound accident here sounds like it should be cleared from lanes. and i don't see major slowing here.
6:40 am
so we'll get you a look at the other accident westbound san jose. should be clearing from lanes shortly. still marked as an delay as you're approaching the merge off the bridge. and it shows you the toll plaza. and further now that the lights have stayed on and slowed down in the fast track lanes as well. >> welcome to monday. >> now the president is taking his push for jobs out on the road while republicans fight to get their plan out. a live report from washington is coming up. and overnight it came to a head between occupy sf protesters and sfpd.tell you wh we'll tell you what was behind althis comg alup.g [ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin...
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i'll go get my bowl. [ female announcer ] new fiber one 80 calories. yes, you can actually love breakfast. ♪ the president's push for jobs resumes today as he hits the road on a bus tour to pitch key parts of his jobs plan. tracie potts is live in washington with a look at the plan. good morning, tracey. >> good morning, everyone. the president's big black bus rolls out from asheville, north carolina and through tomorrow and wednesday through virginia. he was not able to get the jobs plan approved here. now he's taking it apart and taking specific pieces of it directly to the american public.
6:44 am
that's why he'll be visiting fire stations and school this is week. also $50 billion in infrastructure improvements, to improve roads and bridges and schools and other areas that the president says will create jobs. now the other half of the story, who is raising the most money in the presidential campaign? president obama is way out there with $70 million in the last quarter. on the the republican side, rick perry who slipped in the polls raised the most money last quarter. $17 million left to mitt romney's $14 million. herman cain raised just over $2.5 million. >> tracie potts, thank you very much from washington, d.c. coming up, a new study that may determine the cause of autism. plus the new report that finds a number mayoral candidates are possiblily accepting illegal campaign doons.
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[ cellphone rings ] cut! [ monica ] i have a small part in a big movie. i thought we'd be on location for 3 days, it's been 3 weeks. so, i used my citi simplicity card to pick up a few things. and i don't have to worry about a late fee. which is good... no! bigger! bigger! [ monica ] ...because i don't think
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we're going anywhere for a while. [ male announcer ] write your story with the new citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries. get started at good morning, everyone. happy monday. >> mondays are pretty happy usually. no, they're not. we have a really good looking forecast for today. it's always happier when you guys wake up with us. the fog is not so bad over san francisco where it could be because we have an onshore flow that's pretty strong. the winds are working against the on jr. shore push. the fog is having a hard time settling in here in san francisco. but where you lose the wind, that's where the fog is the thickest. right now looking pretty good.
6:48 am
from oakland to fairfield, a nice breeze is keeping the fog from settling in. but you're going to find deep pockets. by 10:00 a.m. we lose all the cloud cover. everyone is going to get the sun as a result of the santa cruz. usually 75 today. 77 in oakland. so tomorrow you'll need the jacket to wednesday. that will drop it weres from the mid 80s today to low 70s on wednesday with really thick fog.
6:49 am
probably not getting out of the fog all day long on wednesday. in the city otherwise, warming back up just in time for the weekend. hey, mike. >> hey, christina. looking good for the morning commute as well. typical for the south bay. we're looking at slowing. you expect that up past 680 and 87. the airport area. and 85 through the area as well. so we'll see this bog down. and then into downtown for guadalupe parkway through san jose. now, this is better news as well. the earlier accident we're tracking northbound 880 just a couple of minutes ago. we had all lanes reported clear in the northbound direction. that should eliminate the distraction for the southbound side. still slow from mission boulevard south to 237 where the slowing happens. earlier than typical for that slowing.
6:50 am
then the earlier accident is still there. nothing short of confrontational overnight as protesters clash with police. bob redell is in san francisco with an update on the situation that's happening. >> yesterday many of the occupy sf protesters moved down the street from where they're allowed to be. the problem is that since this is a city park, they're not allowed to set up tents or camping equipment. during the day police asked them to take down the equipment. protesters refused. last night the police moved in and started to forcibly remove the tenting supplies.
6:51 am
protesters responded by surrounding the public works trucks. one of them slashed the tires. police were able to escort the vehicles out. the confrontation became much more physical when they laid down in front of the police wagon. sfpd praised the officers for the restraint they say they showed. five people arrested, including one for battery on an officer. our understanding is that everyone has since been released. >> we have no problem with them protesting. it's the right of freedom of speech. the issue is that they can't set up a camp site, they can't violate the laws we have in the books. >> i don't think we should give into them. >> they're not saying not to protest. >> i just think that it's
6:52 am
happened before. we could comply with one thing. five minutes later asking for something else. we keep complying. i don't think we should do that anymore. we're not going to attack them. we need to have more civilized opinions. >> police have retreated for the meantime. they're going to talk to the stig to figure out a compromise. i'm bob redell. jon and laura? >> it is 6:52. a san francisco campaign donation rule is proving to be hard to follow for some mayoral candidates. san francisco chronicle says of the 16 candidates for mayor have received contributions by contractors. that appears to violate the city's campaign donations law.
6:53 am
the campaign says even strict screening doesn't catch all the violations. a new study possiblily shining light on what could cause awe tiutisautism. researchers found a link between the disease and birthrate. preterm or babies are low birthrates are five times more likely to giged with autism than normal sized babies. the study followed 800 children at low birthrate. 5% were diagnosed with autism compared to 1% of the general public. this morning the search is on for the gunman who eached fire at a family party in the east bay, shooting four people, including a 9-year-old girl. christie smith joins us live from pittsburgh. i understand the family just moved into the neighborhood.
6:54 am
>> reporter: that's what neighbors are saying. they were only here a couple of months. police weren't here before for any problems. they have their hands full looking for two gunmen this morning who opened fire at a child's birthday party, injuring four people. mostly teens. the youngest just 9 years old. there are evidence namarkers al hay long the house. the garage has three bullet holes. two men in hoodies walked up to a birthday party at 8:45 on ravine drive. neighbors heard yelling and saw wounded people coming out of the home. the 9-year-old was hit in the arm. the others, at least one, possiblily two in critical condition. police believe the suspects ran off but may have gotten into a dark colored sedan. jon and laura, back to you.
6:55 am
thank you very much, christie. things could get hot for secretary steven chu. >> the house committee investigating solyndra will call on the energy secretary steven chu to testify. this could be politically damaging for chu. a bay area scientist who led lawrence berkeley labs for years. his worst enemies acknowledge the value of the department of energy being run by a scientist who has won the nobel peace prize. the dow industrial is lower on concerns over europe they turned in really solid numbers. third quarter earnings rise 21%. it's not able to create the fees that it needs to continue the profits. some things the banks have been saying in the protesters. >> midway through october. we'll look at the numbers. want to look at the numbers on the forecast with christina loren.
6:56 am
still looking good from stran san francisco. wait. i'm getting a text message. it's from my fake girlfriend. she says her name is brian wilson. she can't wait to see me later. with that, i'm going to send it to mike. >> fake girlfriend. nice. there we are. look at that. there's the traffic map. the slowing is real accident to westbound 80 prepare for the slow drive smoothing out. 24 through lafayette. and slowdown through concord and bay point. and a live look out there. in patches around the bay area. that's causing slowing to you
6:57 am
guys. they are for real. they are 5-1 this year, handing the detroit lions the first loss of the season. the 49ers win 29-19. >> the real drama happened after the game. the nfl listening at this incident between the 49ers coach and the lions coach. he shakes hands, slaps him on the back after the win. schwartz doesn't like the manner. he chased him down. the number of players you see there in the middle. he says he went to congratulate him and got shoved out of the way. then he apparently said an obscenity, he said. later he said he was just very excited. what do you think? you've been on the field. >> he was just pumped up. i don't think anybody bad
6:58 am
happened. it makes for good fodder for us, right? >> there you go. the "today show" is coming up nec. you remember this video in the biker hit by an antelope.
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